Webinar: Meeting with territorial coordinators and supporters

PART OF Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy PROJECT

(In Italian) Covenant of Mayors in Italy: Meeting with territorial coordinators and supporters

The transition to the 2030 goals is proving a challenge for many municipalities. As Italy is the most active country in the initiative, the Covenant of Mayors Office is planning a series of events to facilitate the achievement of these objectives.

This first webinar aims to be an open discussion and to gather your feedback.

In the first part of this webinar we will present the new My Covenant platform and the new developments of the initiative.Followed by a large session dedicated to your questions where we can discuss the challenges you face in the area and how we could face them together during the various meetings we will organize before the summer.

The event is mainly aimed at those organizations that support many Covenant of Mayors signatories, namely the territorial and national co-ordinators of the Covenant and the supporters of the Covenant.

March 21, 10:00-12:00