SIMPLA: Accelerating EU cities’ energy transition through RES and clean mobility.

Join SIMPLA webinar on Electric Vehicles on 17 April 2018.

Accelerating European cities’ energy transition through renewable energy and clean mobility. Demonstration, upscaling and planning of smart charging & vehicle-to-grid technologies

Electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly spreading in European cities. This entails significant peaks in energy demand that typically do not correspond to peaks in energy production and supply, especially when renewable energy sources (RES) are concerned. How can EV be used to support the grid in effectively responding to energy peaks and to best exploit renewable energy sources?

This webinar is organised by SIMPLA (Sustainable Integrated Multi-sector PLAnning), and is the second of a series of 6 webinars, intended to build capacity and learn more about harmonizing energy planning and mobility, as well as electric vehicles, smart mobility and the transition from PAED to PAEDC.

It will last 1 hour, from 10:30 to 11:30 (CEST). The guest speaker is Hugo Niesing, from Resourcefully.

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Details about the calendar of webinars on the SIMPLA website.



SIMPLA is a project funded under the Horizon2020 programme, dealing with the harmonization of energy and mobility planning. To increase the impact of project outcomes, SIMPLA aims to broaden the number of representatives of local authorities that are familiarized with the SIMPLA approach by participating in online seminars alongside with local authorities that were participants in the previous SIMPLA training sessions thus being part of a real exchange of experience, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and the replication of the SIMPLA approach and methodology. Among the project partners for SIMPLA project, there is the Alba Local Energy Agency (ALEA) and the Regional Energy Agency Kvarner Ltd. (REA Kvarner), as respectively Romanian and Croatian project partners.