Expert Talk: Interview with Ulrich Santa

Meet Ulrich Santa,Director of Agenzia CasaClima, and learn more about the relation between Sustainable Buildings and Digitalization.

EXPERT TALKS is a new initiative from BUILD UP. In the form of face to face interviews, experts coming from all around Europe and covering the field of Energy Efficiency in buildings from different perspectives, will share their views, experience and expertise with BUILD UP audience. 

Meet Ulrich Santa, Director of Agenzia CasaClima (KlimaHaus), the first expert interviewed for the new BUILD UP Expert Talks: 

The focus of this interview is on digitalization and sustainable building focused in the design phase and materials, key topics addressed in Klimahouse Congress: “Construction 4.0” and “Architecture 2020”. Ulrich Santa defined digitalization as a “disruptive change in the industry” highlighting how the uptake of these new technologies have an impact on occupation as the industry is increasingly seeking for skilled workers.

To be aligned with this dynamic context, Santa explains how Casaclima offers training courses for practitioners in many different fields and how, they aim to emphasize, not only high-quality planning, but also the execution quality when it comes to real sustainable and energy efficient buildings through their certification processes. Finally, Ulrich Santa underlines the importance of considering the whole life cycle of buildings when talking about sustainability and energy efficiency measures expressing also that the real challenge is not the technical solutions – already efficient and available – but the renovation process required for the existing building stock. 

Watch the full interview, and learn more on the relation between Digitalization and Sustainable buildings! 

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