Extra time to apply for Green Solutions Awards!

Applications will be open until 17th June, 2019. This contest promotes ecological transition, by making known existing solutions, which, replicated can have a real capacity to fight against climate change.

It is great to hear that we will have an extra week to apply for the 7th edition of Green Solutions Awards, the official deadline now is the 17th June, 2019!

Organised by Construction21, the Awards include a national phase, where candidates first compete within their own country, and an international phase, gathering the champions of each platform. Originally a competition dedicated to green buildings, the Green Solutions Awards have in recent years expanded their scope to districts and infrastructures in order to take into account a wider variety of sustainable city solutions and actors. The application can be done in one of  3 categories: buildings, districts, and infrastructure.

The Green Solutions Awards contest is no longer in its infancy. Organised for the 7th time in a row, this competition gets bigger year after year. First of all, in terms of communication: Construction21 took a step forward in 2018 as the 12 web platforms and social media activity generated 4.1 million views, compared to 1.5 million in 2017.

The Green Solutions Awards present the particularity of promoting only real projects, displaying existing solutions which are implemented in buildings, districts and infrastructures. For Construction21, it is necessary to represent various technologies and their interactions from buildings to cities, as the industry develops systemically.

Participating entails a lot of benefits, such as visibility! Throughout your participation, you benefit from a communication plan set up on all Construction21 platforms, on social media and relayed by nearly 100 media partners. At an international level, but also at a national level; all participating case studies are indeed readable in English, French, Spanish and even Chinese! Enjoy millions of views generated by the contest! Your projects are also highlighted during dedicated events such as Passi’bat or Batimatwebinars or radio interviews. A video is also offered to the Grand Prizes winners, presenting their projects. Easy to share, they will be widely disseminated on the Internet and social media. A brochure is also printed in 4 languages to showcase the winning projects. Finally, by bringing your work to the knowledge of the industry, you will contribute to the dissemination of solutions that, when replicated at a larger scale, will help to fight against global warming.

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