Green solutions awards 2018 winners have been revealed!

The GreenSolutionsAwards 2018 winners were revealed in Katowice during COP24. Dicrover them here!

The GreenSolutionsAwards 2018 winners were revealed in Katowice, a Polish mining town that made the shift to commit to the energy transition and COP24 theatre. The Construction21 network,organizer of the contest, rewarded the winning teams during a ceremony that gathered nearly 200 industry professionals from all around the world.

Beyond their prize, the awarded teams gain an exceptional visibility that allows them to show the market they are able to provide with relevant solutions, already used in real buildings, districts and infrastructures, and that should be adopted by the largest number to achieve the goal of limiting global warming. Discover them here!

The GreenSolutionsAwards,more than a competition, are the guarantee of exceptional and free visibility. To meet its objective of disseminating best practices and virtuous solutions, Construction21 activates a wide web communication plan on all platforms of the network and on social media. This plan is relayed by more than 90 media partners. In 2017, the competition generated 1.5 million views, a sharp increase over the previous year. But the 2018 edition breaks all records with already 3.6 million views in mid-November!