Hyschools Project

Educating students on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

What is Hyschools?

The HySchools project aims to educate students on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (HFCT) on a transnational basis through the creation of educational resources for secondary school students, school teachers and teacher training departments.

Educational and online resources will be developed for use in secondary schools across the European partner countries, aimed at providing teachers with increased confidence to teach students about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology (HFCT).

Currently, the teaching of hydrogen in secondary schools is scarce and at times misunderstood – therefore, HySchools aims to help schools enhance the quality of HFCT teaching to equip students with the future skills required by this growing sector.

The project runs over 30 months, until February 2020 and will be delivered in a number of stages:

  1. ​​Education and Industry Alignment  
    This involves the investigation of the level of hydrogen education already being carried out in the partner countries, if at all. This includes a survey of teachers’ understanding of hydrogen, allowing curriculum development to be aligned to the needs of industry.

  2. Development of Teaching Resources
    Practical teaching resources and online resources will be created for secondary schools, post 16 year olds, and Industry.​

  3. Demonstration and Awareness Open Days 
    These will be aligned to wider opportunities nationally in terms of Science Weeks, Hydrogen events, university open days, careers and/or teacher events, and regional industry and business engagement events.

  4. Toolkit for Integration
    The final toolkit will be rolled out to the partner countries for distribution to schools. ​

The project is part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme to help create new teaching resources across Europe. Erasmus+ is a programme funded by the European Commission from 2014 to 2020.

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