Agencia Energética Municipal de Valladolid (AEMVA)



The Agencia Energética Municipal de Valladolid (AEMVA) is an operation unit belonging to the Council of Valladolid. Its main purpose is the optimization and rationalization of energy consumption through the extension of public services provided by the municipality.
Its institution is the direct result if a gradual process started in 1992 after the decision to fully face the municipal energy efficiency issue. Along years, the agency has become a real pioneer in the municipal energy efficiency management.

Objectives and missions:

The agency intend to achieve the following objectives:

  • Eliminating unnecessary energy costs;
  • Implementing and replacing outdated energy technologies by new ones;
  • Optimizing financial resources invested in new facilities and infrastructure by applying modern and cheaper techniques or through the injection of financial resources or public support;
  • Reducing energy consumption of the Council of Valladolid;
  • Influencing private energy management (domestic, commercial, industrial and transportation) seeking to minimize energy consumption and transferring it to cleaner energy sources.




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