Infrastrutture Recupero Energia Agenzia Regionale Ligure (IRE Liguria)

IRE is the energy agency established by the Liguria Region in June 2014 inheriting the legacy of ARE Liguria, the energy agency born in 1996 through the SAVE-PERU programme.  IRE is an in-house company dealing with energy, infrastructure and urban regeneration.
IRE is a member of the Italian network of energy agencies “RENAEL”.


The agency deals with the promotion of energy saving policies, the exploitation of renewable energy sources and the rational use of energy within Liguria.
It supports the regional authority and other local administrations to elaborate and implement energy plans (e.g. Covenant of Mayors SEAPs, energy balances, energy audits) and technologies, it promotes the local acquisition of laws, and it manages the regional consortium that buys electricity on the free market for public bodies, it develops business plans for RES plants and offers training on energy matters as well as information on new fuels and technologies.
The energy unit of IRE has also elaborated the regional regulation for the energy certification of buildings and has developed the related regional specific software and is participating in the Concerted Action on the EPBD directive.
It is also monitoring and controlling the contract for energy and infrastructure renovation projects for all the hospitals of Liguria.
IRE, through its energy unit, is now elaborating the new regional energy plan, it is supporting the update of the regional database for energy and air quality  and is promoting the deployment of technologies and policies for smart cities throughout the main cities in the region.


International Activities

IRE operates at international level, by taking part in many EU projects dealing with European energy policy priorities, such as buildings and community energy certification and emissions calculations, promotion of new contractual and management models (Energy Performance Contracts), biomass energy promotion.


The former ARE Liguria has developed the guidelines for ESCO certification and for ESCO contracts and it has worked on energy education and people’s behaviour at both an EU and local level since 2002. It elaborated the SEAP for the city of Genoa (600.000 inhab), it is partner of the FP7 Smart Cities project “TRANSFORM” ans is supporting the Province of Savona in the delivery of 34 SEAPs. IRE has also prepared the successful ELENA proposal named “PROSPER” for the Province of Savona.


Recording of the Webinar: Financing Building Renovation

This webinar co-organised by FEDARENE & ManagEnergy Teams target targets potential applicants to the open call for proposals “Project Development Agency” and “Integrated home renovation services“ under the Horizon 2020 programme.

FEDARENE Members win European Energy Service Awards!

Two of our members have had their projects recognised at the European Energy Service Awards. Both the EnerSHIFT and NEWLIGHT projects received an award at the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum!

A guide on good practice to boost energy efficiency

The “Guide on good practice in energy efficiency for Central and South Eastern Europe (CESEC)” that gathers more than 60 good practices meant to support a clean energy transition in that region has been published.

Launch of public tender for Energy retrofitting of social housing in Liguria Region

The call is reserved exclusively to ESCOs and is for the granting of the concession for energy efficiency services and energy management with fuel supply of around 60 buildings located in Liguria Region.

Best Practices

IRE Liguria: Promotion of e-mobility in the Liguria Region

Read how IRE Liguria is promoting e-mobility in the Italian region of Liguria through the installation of 22 new e-charging stations and their new call for expressions of interest for new projects to invest in.

New activities to make Liguria’s cities smarter

The Government of the Liguria Region and IRE have launched new initiatives to help cities in Liguria with their transition to smart cities

Structural Funds for the Energy Retrofit of Social Housing in Liguria Region

In the frame of the EnerSHIFT H2020 project, investments of EUR 5 Million have been stimulated from European Structural Funds for the energy retrofitting of social housing buildings in the Italian region of Liguria.


Promoting Eco-Mobility

There are many ways to cut down emissions in the transport sector. Discover how FEDARENE members are doing it through remarkable projects!

FEDARENE INFO 46 – Focus on Funding Sustainable Energy

Our 2019 Spring Edition of the FEDARENE Info is out! This season, we focus on the available programmes and tools to finance sustainable energy, and what implications will the EU negotiations on the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) have on EU energy projects and objectives.

DATA4ACTION Data Access Guidebook for SEAPs

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment.

On line la Guida sull’accesso ai dati energetici!

E’ online la versione italiana della “Guida sull’accesso ai dati energetici”, nata dalla collaborazione del parternariato di progetto, costituito da Enti pubblici regionali e locali, Agenzie per l’Energia e altre istituzioni che stanno lavorando per affrontare il cambiamento climatico attraverso lo sviluppo e l’attuazione di Piani d’Azione per l’Energia Sostenibile.


Webinar: Financing Building Renovation

Many project promoters – public authorities, individuals or businesses – lack the skills and capacity to set up, implement and finance ambitious low-energy and clean energy building projects. This is why ….

ManagEnergy: Inspiration & Innovation

This first edition of the ManagEnergy Networking Event aims to give senior staff from local and regional energy agencies all the tips to position their agency as a leader in the energy transition. On the agenda: new services, large scale projects, positioning your energy agency for success.

COOPENERGY Workshop: Regional and Local financing for sustainable energy planning

The Thematic Workshop “Regional and Local financing for sustainable energy planning” aims to address questions on financing with the help of testimonies from European regions, stakeholders, and European level experts.

DATA4ACTION Conference on the Energy Transition

The European Energy Transition Conference is the main annual meeting of local energy transition stakeholders: elected representatives in charge of energy, climate plans or planning, heads of local authority departments, businesses and civil society.