Energikontoret i Mälardalen


The Energikontoret i Mälardalen, the Energy Agency of Mälardalen, promotes sustainable development in the Mälardalen region. The agency cooperates with municipalities, public authorities and companies at local and European level. It contributes to an increased awareness of energy and environment and offers cost efficient solutions adapted to existing requirements and needs.

Main Fields

The main fields of the agency are as follows:
•    Infrastructure and transport of biofuels;
•    Energy efficiency in SME;
•    Biogas;
•    Renewables in the transport sector;
•    EPC;
•    Sustainable Transports;
•    Wind farms;
•    Mobility managemnet;
•    Zero-Energy Building.


Sustainable Energy Investments catalysed by EU Structural Funds

The added value of European Union’s financial programmes is made tangible through local and regional initiatives. Local and regional initiatives show the cohesion policy is both a catalyst for investment and a means for beneficiaries to raise their ambitions and take ownership of the European objectives, and specifically the ones of the Energy Union.

Best Practices

Energikontor Mälardalen: A natural platform for the future of solar energy systems

Read about the Swedish Solar Expo, which sees a steadily increasing number of visitors and exhibitors each year. In October of 2019, the exhibition was organized for the sixth consecutive year, with a record-breaking number of attendants.

A Nordic solar power success

The Swedish Solar Expo gathers the leading companies in solar power, energy storage and environmental technology as well as building owners and decision makers

Sun-electric-cars in Jämtlands

An increasing number of private individuals and companies in Jämtland are building photovoltaic solar systems and/or investing in cars recharged with renewable electricity in public or non-public charging stations

Smart retrofitting of residential buildings reduced energy consumption by half in Växjö

The READY project demonstrates a wide variety of combined measures; district heating and cooling, building retrofitting, chargers for electric vehicles, renewable energy installations, energy storage and balancing as well as green business solutions.


Supporting Renewable Energy Sources

FEDARENE members work on a large variety of renewable energy projects. Check out the latest and most impressive ones in this new brochure!

Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures

From building refurbishment to street lighting, discover the latest and most inspiring projects FEDARENE members have been working on to increase energy efficiency.