Energikontor Väst

Energikontor Väst is the regional energy agency of West Sweden and a part of Innovatum Science Park.


The agency leads and takes an active part in projects on a regional, national and European level.
The projects promote sustainable energy and transport in both technology and market development, as well as innovation management and regional coordination and support.

Target Group

The main target groups are the 49 municipalities (with about 1,7 million inhabitants), the regional authorities and the market actors.
Being part of the regional structure of innovation intermediaries, the energy agency strives to interlink innovation actors with the public and private sector to boost the transition towards a fossil-free and sustainable energy system.


Best Practices

The Sol i Väst Project develops knowledge on PV Electricity

The project developed in West Sweden aims at supporting initiatives for procurement and building PV parks. Read more about it!


Supporting Renewable Energy Sources

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