Zavod Energetska Agencija Za Savinjsko, Šaleško In Koroško (KSSENA)

The Agency has been working successfully for 11 years in the fields of efficient energy use (EE), renewable energy sources (RES), sustainable development and environmental protection.
The Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Carinthia (KSSENA) was established within the framework of the project “Establishment of a local or regional energy agency – Establishment of local or regional energy agencies” within the European program “Intelligent Energy Europe” under Horizontal Action 2 “Think globally , act locally “. The project promoter was the Municipality of Velenje, which, together with Provincia Cadiz (Spain) and the city of Karlovo (Bulgaria), formed a European consortium. Within the framework of the Slovenian partnership, the Municipality of Celje, the Municipality of Slovenj Gradec, the Municipality of Dobrna, the Municipality of Gornji Grad, the Nazarje Municipality, the Municipality of Šoštanj, the Žalec Municipality and the Velenje Communal Enterprise joined the project.


The main goal of our work is to support local communities in the region in the energy transition and to acquire funds for realizing concrete project solutions .


We want to become a key innovation, linking, software and implementation institution and a meeting point for all ideas in the field of sustainable energy development in Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška regions and an indispensable strategic partner at national and European level.


KSSENA is promoting the promotion and implementation of measures in the field of renewable sources and efficient energy use and sustainable urban transport. The program and the development follow the objectives of national and European energy policy in favour of social, economic and environmental development at the local level.



Our member KSSENA is part of REGIOSTARS winning project for Youth empowerment!

ManagEnergy Workshop: How can Energy Agencies make the most out of new opportunities?

Read about the ManagEnergy workshop, organized at the WSED 2020 focusing on New Opportunities for Energy Agencies.

A guide on good practice to boost energy efficiency

The “Guide on good practice in energy efficiency for Central and South Eastern Europe (CESEC)” that gathers more than 60 good practices meant to support a clean energy transition in that region has been published.

Best Practices

Energy Renovation and Management in the Municipality of Celje

The municipality of Celje (Slovenia) developed a new local energy concept to enhance the quality of air of the city but reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions and increase its use of renewable energy sources at the same time.

Deploying Hydrogen Economy in Slovenia

A consortium of regional partners led by the energy agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška (KSSENA) is developing an investment project for deploying a replicable, balanced and integrated hydrogen economy.

Near 0 Energy Buildings standards for the renovation of public buildings in Velenje, Slovenia

The eCentral Project, developed on 3 pilot sites in Central Europe, aims at proving that the nZEB approach is a cost effective solution in public buildings’ renovation and construction.

KSSENA: Development of Local energy concept for Municipality of Celje

Read how KSSENA’s IMEAS silo approach¹ develops integrated and multi-level energy models for the Alpine Space (AS) to overcome the barriers emerging from the disconnected silos at present².


ManagEnergy Publishable Report 2017-2020

Discover all the activities that the ManagEnergy Team led during those three years and how it helped energy agencies lead the Energy Transition.


Innovative financing schemes for energy efficient public buildings

Using innovative financing schemes for upgrading the energy efficiency of public buildings can be one key activity to fulfill the goals of the European Energy Performance of Buildings
Directive on a municipal level.

Multi-level support for loc. auth to improve EE

This conference will aim at mapping of local authorities’ (LA) possibilities to deal with EE; means and needs of LA in EE, with special regard to nZEBbuildings …