Energikontoret Region Örebro län

Region Örebro County Energy Agency, originally founded in 1997, is a regional energy agency in central Sweden and a unit within Region Örebro County.


It aims at promoting the efficient and sustainable use of energy and the production of renewable energy. It deals with a wide range of projects on energy and sustainability giving great emphasis to the support of new networks.
Its main objectives are:

  • minimizing the environmental effect from energy production and the use of energy in Örebro region;
  • increasing the energy efficiency in society;
  • contributing to the development and use of local energy sources in a sustainable way;
  • helping and supporting local decision-makers to develop suitable strategies.


Sustainable Energy Investments catalysed by EU Structural Funds

The added value of European Union’s financial programmes is made tangible through local and regional initiatives. Local and regional initiatives show the cohesion policy is both a catalyst for investment and a means for beneficiaries to raise their ambitions and take ownership of the European objectives, and specifically the ones of the Energy Union.

Best Practices

Örebro Region: promoting investments in PVs for SMEs

Find out what Örebro Region is doing to promote investments in Photovoltaics for small and medium – sizes enterprises that allow to decrease GHG emsissions and at the same time increase profitability.

Örebro Region: Promotion of buildings that supply, store, and distribute electricity to the electrical grid

Find out how Örebro Region County Energy Agency facilitates a network within the real estate market where energy and environmental good practices in building and maintenance are promoted to encourage the use of renewables and energy efficiency.

Joint project to promote solar power in enteprises in Örebro

To promote investments in solar power among small and medium-sized enterprises, a joint project was formed with Örebro county and other nearby regions in East Middle Sweden

The toolbox for travel advice and travel-free meetings in Örebro

In the Örebro Region, Sweden, there is a common network to increase sustainable travel in the region which has created a toolbox for sustainable travel advice.


Supporting Renewable Energy Sources

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Accelerating PV deployment in Europe: a FEDARENE Webinar

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