Tartu Regiooni Energiaagentuur (TREA)


Tartu Regional Energy Agency (Region of Tartu) has been established in 2009 by the Tartu City Government and the Tartu Science Park to implement efficient energy management methodologies and practices in Tartu region.


The agency is focused on sustainable energy development and deals with the main issues of modern energy management: energy efficiency, efficient mobility and renewable energy recourses.


Though its not an active member of local energy market its still influential partner by providing an independent energy advocacy for the region.

It is also the first energy management agency in Estonia. Representing widely used agency-model it also represents modern European approach for local energy management. On the other hand it also represents local energy developments in national and EU level. Important part of that work will be representing the region in national and international cooperation networks and projects that are dealing with relevant issues.

Tartu Regional Energy Agency will be playing a strategic role for developing the regional energy Agenda and giving impetus for change. It gathers the data about the region, analyzes it and provides the outputs for the relevant policymakers and other stakeholders.  It also supports local stakeholders with independent and objective advices about local energy management issues.


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