News from the BiogasAction partners – Regional Energy Agency of Rhône-Alpes


Since the beginning of the project, RAEE has organized a regional advisory committee (60 attendees) to allow all the companies, institutions, working
in the field of biogas and project owners, to meet and share experience. We focused on biomethane100-words-raee with small conferences. The next meeting will be held in a company producing membranes for digesters (SERGE FERRARI), and we will visit the process of production.

RAEE produced a guideline for farmers to develop a refueling station of CNG in farms like in Kalmari farm in Finland. With AILE, concerning the optimization of business models, we are writing a guideline for project owners to explain how to write a business plan.

For the optimization of biogas production, with a recent evolution of the regulatory framework allowing gas grid connection in local authorities without gas grid, RAEE has proposed to project owners to evaluate the possibility to change their CHP to a gas grid injection.

The French regulations command the creation of regional biomass plans in each region by the end of February 2017, RAEE is member of the technical committee and animate some workshops in order to produce a strategic plan for biogas/bio-methane development.

Read more about their developments in the regional Biogas/Biomethane newsletter



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