FEDARENE’s Manifesto: Europe and its Regions, a Partnership for Energy Transition

Our National and EU leaders may set Europe on the right side of history with ambitious and immediate climate action. In our manifesto, the members of FEDARENE renew their commitments to support local regional energy transition across Europe.

In celebration of Europe Day and ahead of the European Elections, the regions, energy agencies and islands of FEDARENE declared once again their clear and immovable commitment to support the European Union in its climate action and energy transition. Indeed, the regions, energy agencies and islands of  FEDARENE have witnessed how energy transition unites territories and citizens and believe it is the driver Europe needs to overcome disunity and achieve sustainable solidarity

We invite you to read our MANIFESTO where we share our vision of a Union of Sustainable Energy. Find out how the European Union in partnership with the local and regional levels can make the energy transition a true opportunity and respond to the people’s needs.

FEDARENE welcomes the opportunity to meet and discuss these issues with a view to be an active contributor to the Future of Europe.

Download FEDARENE’s Manifesto (EN, FI, FR, DE, HR, IT, RO, ES)