Based on the review that biogas production is still lagging behind in Europe in relation to the objectives fixed for 2010 and its important role within the European Biomass action plan this project will foster the biogas development in seven highly motivated European regions. The barriers for developing this technology are manifold. Profiting from countries like GE and AU with a rapidly growing market of biogas plants the organised know-how transfer and sharing of experience will enable a rapid uptake in the less developed regions. The mobilisation of positive synergies between the different sectors (local authorities, farmers and food processing industries) and their concrete project implication will increase biogas plants realisation. The territorial approach facilitating partnerships between the different sectors and the elaboration of a strategic strategy and action plan in each region will overcome the obstacles and create a biogas friendly environment.

Description of the work

The work will start with a compilation of the framework conditions in the seven developing regions. A strategic action plan will be elaborated to indicate the way to the key decision makers to overcome the barriers. A strong accent is set on awareness raising and trainings activities targeted to the regional key players and stakeholders (i.e. brochure, , electronic news letter, study tours, information seminars). Positive investment decisions will be prepared in each region by opportunity and decision preparing studies with support by experienced partners. A match making procedure between potential investors and suppliers of turn key ready plants to the seven emerging markets will further advance the process. The regional key stakeholders are closely associated trough an advisory committee. Project results will be made available through Internet and other targeted channels in view of facilitating replication.

Expected results

Strategic outreach:

Regional strategy and action plans for the development of biogas production giving medium and long term orientations

Information, awareness raising and training

In each region 2 400 major stakeholders from the agriculture, municipalities and agro-food industry will be reached through, electronic newsletters and brochures informing 16 800 decision makers,
Organisation of training sessions, and information seminars will assist and develop the biogas know-how for 900 motivated technicians,
Operating and updated web pages in country language will give complete and accessible information to at least 16 000 visitors,
High replication effect through the organisation of seminars presenting the project results to a larger public at regional and EU level involving at least 400 decision makers from local authorities, agriculture and business sector.

Investment preparation and know-how transfer

Production of computerised opportunity study tool, realisation of 35 studies

Efficient technology transfer through matchmaking with experienced partners from Germany and Austria

Locating of 14 pilot sites and studies for investment preparation triggering at least 7 new biogas installations


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