E-Mobility works is a European project realized under the program IEE (Intelligent Energy Europe) of the European Commission. The project is managed by the Austrian Grazer Energieagentur, with partners from 9 different countries across EU.

The Project aims to integrate e-mobility in European Municipalities, strongly involving local business to ensure and lead a new decision making process in Municipal Administrations related to eMobility.

Did you know that E-vehicles have, compared to conventionally fueled vehicles, many advantages:
E-vehicles are more energy efficient (efficiency factor of a conventionally fueled car is 20 – 30 %, while e-cars show an efficiency factor of up to 80 – 85 %).
  • E-vehicles may be easily supplied with all types of energy from renewable energy sources.
  • E-vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions (if supplied with electricity from renewable energy source).
  • E-vehicles are very cost efficient in terms of operation and maintenance.
  • E-vehicles cause low noise emissions (particularly at low speed).

The e-Mobility Project implements these actions to support Municipalities:

  • Creation of a local network of Municipalities and enterprises working on e-mobility that will analyze and realize new concrete possibilities to ensure a good development
  • Municipal Action plans dedicated to e-mobility, elaborating innovative business services such as vehicles or recharging stations and financial schemes to support them.
  • Implementation of e-mobility action plans with a strong engagement of local stakeholders.

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E-Mobility Works – Newsletter of June 2016

News and Conclusions from E-Mobility Works: Integration of E-mobility in European municipalities and businesses

E-Mobility Works – Newsletter of May 2016

News from the “E-Mobility Works” project: Deploying E-vehicles in European Fleets

E-Mobility Works – Brochure

Discover more about the E-mobility works project in the brochure

E-Mobility Works – National depiction of service process

Presentation of the E-mobility works national service process depiction


E-Mobility Works in the news

E-Mobility Works – Final Conference

The event drew conclusions from the E-Mobility Works project, which developed municipal e-mobility action plans. These plans included close cooperation between the municipality, businesses and stakeholders in their delivery and construction. The Conference was an Energy Day and so part of the EU’s Sustainable Energy Week. The conference: • Outlined the key results from the project […]

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Presentation of E-Mobility Works

On the 15th of June 2016, during our FEDARENE Networking Event for Energy Agency Directors, Eva Stadtschreiber gave a presentation on the E-Mobility Works project.

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