The European Citizens Climate Cup project consists of two main activities:

  • A European campaign on energy saving aiming at a sports-like competition for the best national/regional team as winner of the European Citizens Climate Cup and the best national/regional Energy Saver of the Year,
  • The adaptation and implementation of the German Energy Savings Account software for data administration and monitoring in 9 partner countries

The ECCC campaign will cooperate with media (print, online and TV) and important key actors in their function as multipliers, like e.g. utilities, municipalities, tenant and owner associations, property managers, housing companies, real estate portals, industrial producers of household appliances and wholesalers.

The ECCC Campaign shall motivate private households to open an Energy saving Account to enter consumption and cost data of their energy bills continuously in order  to perform energy saving measures and changes in behaviour which will lead to an improvement of their energy balance.

The interactive Energy Savings Account (ESA) is a web based energy accounting and advising system for households, SMEs and schools. It was developed and applied by co2online and will be adapted to the conditions of partner countries/regions. It will be the monitoring tool for the ECCC competition, as it stores and assesses all energy consumption and cost data and calculates CO2 emissions using national CO2 indices and climate factors. The ESA benchmarks the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the different teams.

Due to the campaign, households were aware and informed about their personal impact and their possibilities to fight climate change.

The targets achieved are: 8000 accounts with the  administration of 40,800 energy consumption data in total.


Ceremony organised with the support of FEDARENE

And the winner is…

Here you will find answers to all your questions as a potential saver. Who are all these people? What were their reasons to participate in such a project? What kind of energy saving measures did they implement during the competition? What results did they manage to reach with all these measures?

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  • Denmark: Lis, Milena and Sibilla Molinari – Electricity Reduction 4700 kWh – Reduction Heat Energy 7966 kWh – Reduction CO2 5400 kg/year – 3rd Prize