ENNEREG, Regions paving the way for a Sustainable Energy Europe is a European project supported by the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme. ENNEREG aims to establish and inspire a network of regions throughout Europe – Regions 202020 – to produce regional Sustainable Energy Action Plans
(SEAPs) and implement Sustainable Energy Projects (SEPs)

In May 2010, 12 ENNEREG “Pioneers” started on their journey to become Sustainable Energy Regions. These ENNEREG Regions, which range from islands in Greece and Portugal to the whole of Wales, will undertake SEAP and SEP development and implementation, exchanging experiences and lessons learned in the process.

The activities in the ENNEREG Regions will focus on eight key Sustainable energy themes:

  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Energy efficiency in industry
  • Energy efficient products
  • Sustainable transport
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy services
  • Intelligent energy education
  • Energy monitoring

Four key stages in the journey to a Sustainable Energy Europe

Pioneer Regions leading the way
The 12 ENNEREG Pioneers share their experiences as they progress
through the process…
… providing step-by-step information on how regions develop and implement their SEAPs and SEPs …
… supported by case studies and lessons learnt from Pioneer Sustainable Energy Regions throughout

Inspiring Replication in Regions throughout Europe
ENNEREG Pioneers work hand-in-hand offering …
… one-to-one guidance to 12 Twin Regions, as well as …
… workshops, inspiration and guidance for other regions so that …
… you can replicate Sustainable Energy good practice in your region

Exchanging experiences via the EU Regions 202020 – Network www.regions202020.eu
Become a network member and join Regions from throughout Europe so you can:
… Exchange Experience and Lessons Learnt
… Be inspired and guided byan online Interactive Inspiration Guide
… Access a knowledge Base of Good Pratice, Tools, Videos, etc

Interacting with other EU Local and Regional Energy Actions
News from Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) projects offering:
… Encouragement and support for regions and communities at the local level
… Guidance on joining the Covenant of Mayors (www.eumayors.eu)
… Direct Support for 100 + communities at the local level
… Links with ManagEnergy (www.managenergy.net) events and services


10 Reasons to join Regions 202020

  1. Find out how your Region and its Communities can help Europe meet its 20-20-20 targets
  2. Link with local stakeholders throughout the EU
  3. Exchange experiences and share knowledge and resources
  4. Benefit from interaction with the Covenant of Mayors and ManagEnergy Local Energy Actors
  5. Replicate existing good practice
  6. Learn from and be guided by Pioneer Sustainable Energy Regions
  7. Give others the benefit of your experience
  8. Develop and enhance your Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)
  9. Initiate Sustainable Energy Projects (SEPs) within focussed energy themes
  10. Inspire and be inspired!