A Pilot Microgrid at the Ruše Sports Park – Technical and Economic Evaluation


In the Sport Park Ruše in Slovenia, the pilot site is based in a sports resort and includes two existing PV plants of 50 kWp each. A group of four buildings was selected that would represent the loads of a micro-grid with about 500 MWh/year total electricity consumption.

The basic idea of the pilot project in Ruše as part of the European project PEGASUS is to analyze the feasibility of a self-sufficient micro-network of several buildings in order to improve the efficient use of renewable energy sources and the quality of electricity supply through the established micro-network.

Based on a group of facilities that could be a self-sufficient network, a system for measurement of electricity produced and consumed was established. On the basis of the obtained data of the measurements that take place from March 2018 until today, we will simulate the operation of the micro network and assess the quality of the obtained measurements of the solar panels.

In the following document all possible variants of the reconstruction of the heating system are economically and technically evaluated and are followed by an independent expert assessment for further measures in the field of lowering the consumption and energy costs. Implementation of the micro network would definitely bring about significantly reduced primary energy consumption to an estimated 30% and increase the use of renewable energy sources to 25%. The costs of supply (heat, electricity) should be reduced or equal, but they will need to be calculated.


Technical and Economic Evaluation of the Microgrid at the Ruse Sports Park Area