Biogas Action Brochure on Best Regional-Integrated Biogas Plants


BiogasAction Project: Promotion of Sustainable Biogas Production in the EU

This brochure contains information on the ten most interesting biogas plant projects of the BiogasAction project countries, providing the reader with technical data for each plant as well as background information concerning
the start-up conditions.

The brochure offers a detailed analysis of the current situation and the environment in which the project was drawn up. It also explains the driving forces behind the project’s conception and the construction of the plants, and outlines the obstacles faced, along with the involvement of the municipality and the residents of the area around each biogas plant.
The financial conditions for each project are described, including detailed analysis of local support tools and financial subsidies. The technical data for each biogas plant is included in detail, with explanation of the types and amounts of feedstocks and the products of the biogas process. The use of the products of biogas, heat and digestate, is important for an efficient and sustainable biogas project.

This brochure describes biogas plants that are not only outstanding but also offer a model of success that can feasibly be ad apted and applied in other European regions.