Brochure 2017 – Sustainable Regions and Territories in Action

Find out about what’s going on in the field of regional implication and sustainable territories in FEDARENE’s 2017 brochure. Get inspired by ambitious local and regional authorities and energy agencies and discover our latest FEDARENE Publications!

Within the FEDARENE network, local and regional authorities and their energy agencies are striving for a Union of Sustainable Energy.

In the 2017 brochure, you will read about:

  • What and who is FEDARENE
  • Our position papers & letters drafted during the past year, summarising the issues we have been focusing on
  • Some highlighted activities run by the organisation
  • A selection of projects carried out by our members and that make them proud.

In this brochure, you will discover some of the ambitious actions led by our members in energy efficiency, innovative financing schemes, territorial planning and much more.

Download the brochure here.