C-Track 50’s 4th Newsletter is here


Discover the latest news of the C-Track 50 project – putting regions on track for carbon neutrality by 2050.

C-Track 50 is an EU funded project under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and its aim is to mobilise and support local and regional authorities in energy and climate planning in order to achieve climate resilience and carbon neutrality by 2050. It offers technical help and guidance to selected municipalities in an attempt to help them define long-term energy policy priorities and develop, finance and implement sustainable and climate policy action plans.

In this fourth Newsletter, you will read about the various events where C-Track 50 was presented and the progress made by project partners after 2,5 years of work. More specifically:

  • The outputs from the second C-Track 50 Webinar on Citizen Finance, which took place in June 2020;
  • The project’s contribution to the 2020 EU Regions Week thanks to an interesting Q&A session entitled “Let’s Make Carbon Neutral Regions Happen”;
  • The C-Track 50 Knowledge Repository on long-term energy planning;
  • The project’s progress in Croatia, Latvia, Spain, Poland and Portugal.

Have a good read!