C-Track50’s first newsletter is out!


Discover the latest news of the C-Track 50 project.

C-Track 50 is an EU funded project under the Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Programme and its aim is to mobilise and support local and regional authorities in energy and climate planning in order to achieve climate resilience and carbon neutrality by 2050. It offers technical help and guidance to selected municipalities in an attempt to help them define long-term energy policy priorities and develop, finance and implement sustainable and climate policy action plans.

To help us keep up to date with how they are furthering their objectives, C-Track50 has created a newsletter, the first of which came out last month. The newsletter highlights the main events that the project has set up and taken part in, as well as sharing new and pertinent information for those in the field.

This newsletter brings up  the enegy planning process in C-Track50 countries and the multi-level governance and supporting of local authorities needed to bring it about. It also informs its readers about the roundtables organised in each partner country  and how these were central in bringing together different levels of governance in order to tackle Energy and Climate planning, from the local to the national level.

Also mentioned is C-Track50’s participation at COP24, in which it was successfully presented during a side event of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland in December 2018. The event ‘Nature-based solutions and multi-level governance for carbon-neutral and resilient cities and regions’ was organized by ICLEI European the Ecologic institute Berlin and  discussed the role nature-based solutions and multi-level governance play in facilitating the transition of cities and regions to carbon-neutrality.

To keep track of what C-Track50 is doing, read its newsletter.


C-Track 50 Newsletter I - January 2019