Energy Transition Strategy to 2030: 3cea maps the path to a greater sustainability

3cea, the Three Counties Energy Agency (IE) is launching its Energy Transition Strategy.

31/01/2020. Picture: Patrick Browne

On January 31st in Castlecomer, 3cea launched its Energy Transition Strategy to 2030. This strategy maps the path to be followed for the next decade, adressing how the relevant stakeholders of the energy sector will work together in order to deliver energy efficiency, clean energy, behaviour change and ultimately a greater sustainability.

The partnership between 3cea and several actors of the Energy Sector underpins the capacity to deliver the Climate Action Plan at the Regional level. This Action Plan adopted by the Irish Government centers on a transition to a low carbon energy system by 2050. The strategy underlines the scale of action to be taken in several fields. For example, Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Empowerment of Citizens and Sustainability actions alone would need an increase of 10 fold per annum to meet the 2030 Climate Action Plan, starting in 2020!

31/01/2020. Picture: Patrick Browne

In order to adress a whole set of challenges to advance further in the energy transition, 3cea capitalizes on several opportunities: the agency already works with all sectors. It has priviledge contacts with Energy Communities leading the energy efficiency, and has support from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), as well as from businesses, educational institutions, County Councils and others. The capacity to deliver the Climate Action Plan at the regional level will be possible through public and private actors supported by 3cea as Trusted Intermediary.

Download the full strategy here and discover more about 3cea’s initiative.

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