Fedarene Info 35 – Focus on Renewable Energies: Heating and Cooling

Spring 2008

Focus on Renewable Energies: Heating and Cooling

Making use of renewable energy sources to meet our heating and cooling energy needs has enormous potential for reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption and our energy dependency, through the use of locally-produced energy. Examples of promising technologies using solar and bio-mass are presented, as results of the ProEcoPolyNet project.

Christine Lins, EREC Secretary-General, talks about the European Commission’s recent proposal for a directive, which for the first time would provide a legal framework for heating and cooling from renewable energy sources.

European Regions have a crucial role to play in this regard, as highlighted by Danita Hübner, EU Commissionner for Regional Policy and Luc Van den Brande, President of the Committee of the Regions, in their respective statements. FEDARENE is ready to take up this challenge!