Fedarene Info 37 – Focus on regional strategies for sustainable energy

Spring 2009

Focus on Regional Strategies for Sustainable Energy:

The European Commission’s “Second Strategic Energy Review” aims to address the – rather timely – issue of energy supply security . However, the solutions proposed fail to give ‘energy efficiency’ the role it deserves and also overlook the role of local and regional stakeholders. These two observations are at the heart of the report on the ‘Second Strategic Energy Review’ drafted by Jean-Louis Joseph, FEDARENE president and member of the Committee of the Regions.

This issue of FEDARENE Info further illustrates the importance of regional action for sustainable energy with two outstanding examples, from France and Sweden.

The Covenant of Mayors and the upcoming EUSEW 2009 will provide promising opportunities to give more visibility to local and regional energy action. Read more about FEDARENE’s active involvement in both initiatives!