How to develop a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan? – Joint Research Centre guidebook

PART OF Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy PROJECT

The European Commission Joint Research Centre has developed a comprehensive 3-part guidebook providing detailed information on the SECAP elaboration process.

In support of the Covenant of Mayors’s initiative, which brings together cities and towns from across Europe to set and meet ambitious mitigation and adaptation climate targets, the Joint Research Centre has published a comprehensive guidebook on the SECAP development and implementation. The document provides signatories of the initiative with methodological advice, step-by-step procedures and case studies.

The first part of the guidebook gives an overall presentation of the SECAP, describing its components and the main pre-requisites for its successful development and implementation.

In the second part of the guidebook, the elaboration of a baseline emission inventory and the assessment of climate risks and vulnerabilities are explained in detail. These two steps are essential to the SECAP development as they allow to gain sufficient information to define and prioritize mitigation and adaptation actions.

The final part focuses on measures and policies that can be implemented by local authorities and presents various financial tools.