Open Letter: Cities call for a more sustainable and equitable European future

An open letter to the European Council and its Member States

On the 7th of May 2019, Mayors and leaders of 210 cities across Europe, representing 62 million citizens have urged the European Council and Member States to step up the EU’s climate commitments, to show global leadership and drive ambition to make rapid progress in the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Their demands include:

  • Develop a just and inclusive European long-term climate strategy that enhances resilience and ensures emissions in the EU peak by 2020, more than halve by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050;
  • Enhance the 2030 EU climate and energy targets and Nationally Determined Contribution to ensure a resilient, rapid and just energy transition in line with the above goals;
  • Align the next EU long-term budget with this strategy, remove fossil fuel subsidies and mainstream climate action as a priority across all funding programmes; and
  • Commit all member states to binding net-zero emissions reduction targets and the above goals.

The open letter, signed by leaders of cities in 21 EU member states and 7 neighboring countries was published ahead of the Future of Europe conference to take place in Sibiu, Romania on 9th May 2019.

Our President Julije Domac said “European Cities, through their ambitious climate plans and projects being implemented every day, have proven to be effective delivery agents for EU’s clean energy legislation. Now is time for the European Union to prove they are equally determined to stop global warming by adopting a long-term climate strategy aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050.”



EU Cities Open Letter in English


EU Cities Open Letter in French


EU Cities Open Letter in Spanish


EU Cities Open Letter in German



In addition to the 210 signatories, the members of FEDARENE collectively supported these recommendations together with ambitious municipalities from the Abruzzo region:

  • Marco Alessandrini, Mayor of Pescara
  • Domenico Vespa, Mayor of Villa Celiera
  • Sandro Marinelli, Mayor of Pianella
  • Giovanni Placido, Mayor of Turrivalignani
  • Luciano Di Lorito, Mayor of Spoltore
  • Gianfranco De Massis, Mayor of Elice
  • Mario Semproni, Mayor of Penne
  • Alberico Ambrosini, Mayor of Moscufo
  • Gabriele Starinieri, Mayor of Loreto Aprutino
  • Riziero Zaccagnini, Mayor of Tocco da Casauria
  • Simone Angelucci, Mayor of Caramanico Terme
  • Antonio D’Angelo, Mayor of San Valentino in A.C.
  • Costantino De Micheli, Mayor of Rosciano
  • Antonio Zaffiri, Mayor of Collecorvino
  • Gabriele Florindi, Mayor of Città Sant’Angelo
  • Vincenzo Catani, Mayor of Picciano
  • Arturo Scopino, Mayor of Montelapiano
  • Nicola Labbrozzi, Mayor of Frisa
  • Donato Di Santo, Mayor of Bomba
  • Tiziana Magnacca, Mayor of San Salvo
  • Tommaso Schips, Mayor of Mozzagrogna
  • Giulio Sciorilli Borrelli, Mayor of Atessa
  • Ignazio Rucci, Mayor of Ripa Teatina
  • Umberto Di Primio, Mayor of Chieti
  • Danilo D’Orazio, Mayor of Civitella Messer Raimondo
  • Ernano Marcovecchio, Mayor of Tufillo
  • Carlo De Vitis, Mayor of Fara San Martino
  • Patrizia D’Ottavio, Mayor of Monteferrante
  • Saverio Di Giacomo, Mayor of Monteodorisio
  • Giuseppe D’Angelo, Mayor of Casacanditella
  • Antonio Luciani, Mayor of Francavilla al Mare
  • Giuseppe Finamore, Mayor of Villa Santa Maria
  • Gabriele D’Angelo, Mayor of Castel Frentano
  • Luciano Marinucci, Mayor of San Giovanni Teatino
  • Domenico Giangiordano, Mayor of Roccascalegna
  • Claudio D’Emilio, Mayor of Palena
  • Vincenzo Cicolini, Mayor of Orsogna
  • Massimo Tiberini, Mayor of Casoli
  • Giuseppe Di Giorgio, Mayor of Pennapiedimonte
  • Nicola Andreacola, Mayor of Giuliano Teatino
  • Domenico D’Angelo, Mayor of Pennadomo
  • Lorenzo Di Sario, Mayor of Canosa Sannita
  • Angelo Radica, Mayor of Tollo
  • Felice Novello, Mayor of Montazzoli
  • Carmine Ficca, Mayor of Torricella Peligna
  • Nicola Di Fabrizio, Mayor of Montebello sul Sangro
  • Luciano Piluso, Mayor of Schiavi d’Abruzzo
  • Enrico Di Giuseppantonio, Mayor of Fossacesia
  • Remo Fioriti, Mayor of Tornareccio
  • Mario Pupillo, Mayor of Lanciano
  • Vincenzo Mammarella, Mayor of Casalincontrada
  • Fabio Adezio, Mayor of Miglianico
  • Gianfranco D’Isabella, Mayor of Carunchio
  • Diego Valerio Giangiulli, Mayor of Pretoro
  • Agostino Chieffo, Mayor of Gissi
  • Maurizio Bucci, Mayor of Gamberale
  • Alfonso Ottaviano, Mayor of Scerni
  • Giuseppe Masciulli, Mayor of Palmoli,
  • Sabatino Ramondelli, Mayor of Roio del Sangro
  • Giovanni Antonio Di Nunzio, Mayor of Borrello
  • Andrea Scordella, Mayor of Silvi
  • Rosanna De Antoniis, Mayor of Castel Castagna
  • Mario Facciolini, Mayor of Montorio al Vomano
  • Domenico Piccioni, Mayor of Tortoreto
  • Lino Di Giuseppe, Mayor of Rocca Santa Maria
  • Giuseppe D’Alonzo, Mayor of Crognaleto
  • Diego Di Bonaventura, Mayor of Notaresco
  • Giuseppe D’Ercole, Mayor of Castiglione Messer Raimondo
  • Santino Di Valerio, Mayor of Cermignano
  • Massimo Vagnoni, Mayor of Martinsicuro
  • Ernesto Picciari, Mayor of Montefino
  • Camillo D’Angelo, Mayor of Valle Castellana
  • Michele Poliandri, Mayor of Morro d’Oro
  • Antonio Paride Ciotti, Mayor of Villa Santa Lucia
  • Paolo Federico, Mayor of Navelli
  • Pietro Salutari, Mayor of Castelvecchio Subequo
  • Gabriele De Angelis, Mayor of Avezzano
  • Giovanni Mastrogiovanni, Mayor of Scanno
  • Angelo Caruso, Mayor of Castel di Sangro
  • Gianni Di Cesare, Mayor of Anversa degli Abruzzi
  • Annamaria Casini, Mayor of Sulmona
  • Fernando Gatta, Mayor of Villalago
  • Marco Moca, Mayor of Raiano
  • Celestino Bernabei, Mayor of Secinaro
  • Giancarlo Massimi, Mayor of Civitella Alfedena
  • Marco Ciampaglione, Mayor of Cansano
  • Giuseppina Colantoni, Mayor of Villetta Barrea
  • Malagari Trematerra, Special Commissioner of Trasacco
  • Iside Di Martino, Mayor of Cagnano Amiterno
  • Stefano Iunianella, Mayor of Pescina
  • Angelo Simone Angelosante, Mayor of Ovindoli
  • Marco Salvati, Mayor of Ofena
  • Raffaele Favoriti, Mayor of Ortucchio
  • Antonella Buffone, Mayor of Balsorano
  • Sara Cicchinelli, Mayor of Civita d’Antino
  • Luigi Fasciani, Mayor of Molina Aterno
  • Massimiliano Giorgi, Mayor of Montereale
  • Mauro Leone, Mayor of Roccapia
  • Lorenzo Berardinetti, Mayor of Sante Marie
  • Giacomo Carnicelli, Mayor of Tornimparte
  • Roberto D’Amico, Mayor of Morino
  • Federica Mattucci, Mayor of Ocre
  • Sandro Chiocchio, Mayor of Cocullo
  • Giovanni Di Mascio, Mayor of Campo di Giove
  • Mariangela Amiconi, Mayor of Magliano de Marsi
  • Antonio Mostacci, Mayor of Collarmele
  • Eramo Manfredo, Mayor of Ortona dei Marsi
  • Michele Petracca, Mayor of Pietracamela