A Pilot Microgrid at the University of Cyprus – Technical and Economic Evaluation


This report documents the technical and economic evaluation of the pilot microgrid at the University of Cyprus. The microgrid is located at the FOSS premises, within the campus of University of Cyprus and it is used as a test-bed for the University campus microgrid.

The target is to transform the large campus of University of Cyprus into a self-consumption controllable microgrid, which will be fed by PV and central and distributed energy storage systems. The campus microgrid will be able to operate either grid-connected, offering at the same time the possibility for ancillary services to the DSO, or isolated in case of a grid fault or other operational necessities.

In order to design the campus microgrid, initial simulation tests are carried out by using commercial software. During the simulation work, exhaustive tests on the already existing system complemented with the new equipment purchased through Pegasus are conducted at the smaller microgrid at FOSS premises to validate results and assist the simulated analysis work.

The objective of the economic analysis is related to the current operation of the FOSS microgrid. The viability and the feasibility of a microgrid with PV intermittent generation and Battery Energy Storage System is studied, while the billing scheme followed in this analysis is the net-billing scheme, which is the actual tariff agreement with the local supplier and is described in Annex 1.

This document contains a profitability and sensitivity analysis as well as a presentation of the benefits for the DSO.


Technical and economical evaluation of the FOSS microgrid at the campus of University of Cyprus