PROSPECT publishable report is here!


PROSPECT project released its publishable report after three and half years of hard work at the service of sustainable energy planning.

PROSPECT project was implemented by ten partners from eight European countries and aims at enabling peer to peer learning in regional and local authorities to finance and implement their sustainable energy plans.

After three and a half years of hard work, PROSPECT achieved a lot:

  • 195 local and regional authorities matched in 45 peer learning groups: public buildings, public lighting, transport, cross-sectoral;
  • 18 innovative financial schemes, mostly Enegy Performance Contracting (EPC), soft loans, fiscal, revolving funds…;
  • 190 projects and 36 best practices generating 5835 GWh energy savings, 1025 million euros of investments, 503 ktnCO2 reduction.

Read the recent PROSPECT project booklet to read about the learning journey of peer-powered cities and regions on the topic of innovative financing schemes for sustainable energy and climate action projects.