Publenef Results of Matching Policy Needs With Best Practices


The PUBLENEF project’s main objective is to support public bodies in the process of implementing energy efficiency policies.

This is done by providing ‘good practice’ examples of concrete actions, fulfilling needs and overcoming challenges for successful energy policy development and implementation. To achieve satisfactory results, the PUBLENEF consortium has conducted comprehensive research on good practices and needs of public authorities at national, regional, and local level within 13 partner countries.

The newest report produced by PUBLENEF provides information on how the collected good practices answer the shortfalls that public bodies face in energy efficiency policymaking. In other words, the examples of good practices are ‘matched’ with the identified needs and challenges.

The presented analysis is based on matching the cases from different countries/regions/cities and municipalities with the needs expressed by public bodies implementing the energy efficiency policies on different levels of administration, and according to the specific articles of the Energy Efficiency Directive they address. The analysis resulted in a ‘good practice–need matrix’ providing initial hints on where the public bodies could make use of existing good experiences. PUBLENEF will use the results of the matrix in the most challenging action within the project – the development of energy efficiency ‘roadmaps’.

  • Read the newest Publenef REPORT here. More information about the PUBLENEF EE ROADMAPS development process is also available on the project website.
  • Download the press release HERE