Supporting Renewable Energy Sources

FEDARENE members work on a large variety of renewable energy projects. Check out the latest and most impressive ones in this new brochure!

Together with Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources are the backbone of the Energy Transition. In this new publication, you will find out some of the most recent and remarkable projects FEDARENE’s member regions and energy agencies have been working in this field:

  • Each year, the Mälardalen Energy Agency (SE) organises the Swedish Solar Expo, one of the largest exhibitions on cleantech in Sweden, gathering all stakeholders involved in solar power and energy storage technology;
  • Sol i Väst (Solar in West) is a project developed by the regional energy agency of West Sweden with the purpose to educate and increase knowledge about photovoltaic electricity, to help initiatives for procurement and building photovoltaic parks;
  • EVE (ES) has initiated a public-private initiative to create the biggest PV plant in the Basque Country. The investment is 24 million EUR and will produce electric energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 15.000 households;
  • Thanks to ITC (ES), the Canary Island of El Hierro supplies its electrical energy from clean and renewable energy sources such and use their surplus wind energy to pump water from a lower reservoir at sea level;
  • In 2019, the Île-de-France region (FR) set new climate and energy goals including 100% newable energy by 2050;
  • Through the IMEAS EU project, KSSENA (SI) had developed integrated and multi-level energy models for the Alpine Space to overcome emerging barriers;
  • MIEMA (MT) has been supporting local stakeholders in the introduction of renewable energy sources in buildings through the Renewable Energy Sources Advisory Platform;
  • The Örebro Energy Agency (SE) facilitates a network within the real estate market where energy and environmental good practices in building and maintenance are promoted to encourage the use of renewables and energy efficiency;
  • Severn Wye Energy Agency (UK) is providing free expert support and feasibility studies to 150 communities in Wales for the energy efficiency improvements of their communal buildings through the Sustainable Communities Wales programme.

All projects are featured in our 2020 Sustainable Regions in Action brochure published in January 2020.