RELaTED took part in Celsius talk on low temperature heating systems!


The RELaTED project was showcased during Celsius Webinar on Low temperature district heating!

Decarbonised district heating systems are already here and some of them are spelled “LTDH”. Low temperature district heating can prove to be an important part in adressing climate change and global warming.

On Thursday April 16th at 10:30 CET, the RELaTED project was presented as part of a Webinar organised by Celsius in partnership with COOL DH.

During the one hour meeting, opportunities and challenges for cities developing more sustainable and efficient energy systems were discussed. The participants adressed the question of potential plans for the deployment of new DHC systems or the extension and refurbishing of existing ones to a higher standard, using local low-grade heat sources.

The speakers :

Download the Power Point Presentation of the Webinar here, and learn more about Decarbonised district heating systems! You can also rewatch the webinar: here is the recording!