Over the years, FEDARENE has developped a strong network of like-minded partners to share valuable information and activities going on in the sustainable energy field at the European level. You can find our long-standing communication partners on this page.

In addition to our long-standing and permanent partners, FEDARENE has teamed up with a considerable amount of organisations to promote the Roger Léron Award and FEDARENE’s 30th anniversary.



The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) is a major market-changing undertaking supported by the European Commission bringing together cities, industries, SMEs, investors, researchers and other smart city actors. More information: eu-smartcities.eu



EUREC is the voice of renewable energy research in Europe, representing European Research Centres active in renewable energy. The purpose of EUREC is to promote and support the development of innovative technologies and human resources to enable a prompt transition to a sustainable energy system. Their members are prominent research and development (R&D) groups spread across Europe, operating in all renewable energy technologies. More information: eurec.be



EuroPACE is designed to make home renovation simple, affordable and reliable for all Europeans by combining affordable financing with people-centric technical assistance. Energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, including green roofs, fuel cells, batteries and other innovative improvements can be funded. The first pilot program, HolaDomus, was launched in Olot, Spain to offer support and financing to realize eco-sustainable home renovations. EuroPACE initiative is looking for leader cities from Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy to further scale the model. EuroPACE is a Horizon 2020 funded initiative lead by GNE Finance.

More information: EuroPACE2020.eu

 International Passive House Association (iPHA)


The International Passive House Association (iPHA) is a truly international network uniting both Passive House experts and enthusiasts alike. iPHA works to promote the Passive House Standard and foster a greater public understanding of its significance, by making a wealth of Passive House knowledge accessible and facilitating active exchange amongst stakeholders worldwide while communicating with the media, policymakers, the general public and the entire range of construction professionals. More information: passivehouse-international.org