SPL Energies Réunion renovates popular neighbourhood

Sociétés Publiques Locales Energies Réunion participates in a promising renovation plan in a popular neighbourhood of Saint-Pierre.

Sociétés Publiques Locales (SPL) Energies Réunion conducts an energy renovation project for Bois d’Olives a popular neighbourhood of Saint-Pierre. This area which counts 8000 inhabitants and 2911 dwellings benefits from the French “Future Investment Programs” for Sustainable Cities and Territories to encourage the energy transition of modest homeowners and give them access to clean and less expensive energy through energy renovation.

This housing renovation plan included energy and thermal renovation, replacement of energy-intensive equipment, a massive photovoltaic installation to promote self-consumption and the replacement or provision of a solar hot water system. More than a renovation plan, the project aims to tackle energy poverty.

This project, to which SPL Energies Réunion has provided its technical expertise, has already proved its worth. It has enabled owners who have benefited from it to make savings of 1800 kWh per year per household, which represents an average of €250 per year per household.