The European City Facility explained: Register to the Launch Webinar!

PART OF European City Facility PROJECT

EUCF Lauch webinar will take pplace on April 7th. Don’t miss the opportunity : unlock financing for your sustainable energy plans!

If you are wondering about what an investment concept is and how the European City Facility can help you develop one, don´t miss this webinar.

The new European City Facility (EUCF) provides hands-on expertise and simplified financial aid (up to €60,000) as well as capacity building and peer-to peer support to municipalities to enable the development of sound investment packages and mobilise finance. In times such as these, this kind of support is more important than ever.

Unlock financing for your sustainable energy plan and register for the upcoming Webinar!

FEDARENE is proud to be part of the consortium behind this groundbreaking support mechanism for municipalities across Europe.

For more information, check out EUCF website.