Financing and Investment

Financing large scale energy efficiency investments present many challenges including lack of knowledge about financing opportunities for regions and little expertise on developing SECAPs. Guarantee Funds, Public Private Partnerships, Crowdfunding are just some of the solutions which are being developed, expanded and piloted in different regions. These often require policy and legislative changes which Energy Agencies need to champion. In an era when there is significant liquidity available in the European finance sector, now is an important moment to maximise investments.

On 14 January 2020, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal Investment Plan, which will mobilise at least €1 trillion of sustainable investments over the next decade. It will enable a framework to facilitate public and private investments needed for the transition to a climate-neutral, green, competitive and inclusive economy. Supported by investments in green technologies, sustainable solutions and new businesses, the Green Deal can be a new EU growth strategy. FEDARENE aims to help regions and agencies to obtain the most appropriate financing for their needs, both from the EU or from alternative sources.


  • Positioning local and regional energy agencies as front-runners in the financing of the Energy Transition.
  • Implementing various financial models and mechanisms to enhance green investments in European cities and regions.
  • Reinforcing links between public authorities, agencies and financing institutions.

Working Group Chairs

FEDARENE’s Financing Working Group is chaired by our Vice-Presidents Maria Fabianelli and Vlasta Krmelj.

Improving the energy performance of buildings is a priority, but can be difficult to support because of the high investment needed and long payback time. Mainstreaming innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency investments (such as EPCs and others) is thus key if we want to accelerate the renovation process at EU level.

Maria Fabianelli, Vice-President for Energy Efficiency and Investment

With good technical documentation and cooperation of stakeholders, different financial mechanisms and sources can be found to implement energy projects. A lack of money should not be the excuse for not implementing the energy transition!

Vlasta Krmelj, Vice-President for Financing and Investments

EU Projects & Initiatives

The European City Facility is set up under the Horizon 2020 Programme : tailor-made, rapid and simplified financial support (in the form of max. EUR 60,000 lump sums) and related services will be provided to a large number of cities and municipalities in the European Union to enable them to develop relevant investment concepts.

ManagEnergy is the European Commission initiative for helping regional and local energy agencies to become leaders in the energy transition and to increase sustainable energy investments in regions and cities

Putting regions on track for carbon neutrality by 2050 – C-track 50 will empower local and regional authorities to develop, finance and implement ambitious sustainable energy and climate resilient plans and actions.

The overall aim of PROSPECT is to enable peer to peer learning in regional and local authorities in order to finance and implement their sustainable energy plans.


FEDARENE INFO 46. Focus on Funding Sustainable Energy

The FEDARENE INFO is a short publication realised by FEDARENE which focuses specific topics related to the climate and energy transition and gives the word to renowned experts of the field, political representatives and FEDARENE members.

This 46th edition of FEDARENE Info focuses on funding sustainable energy. In this edition, you will find:

  • An Edito by our General Secretary Seamus Hoyne (Tipperary Energy Agency, IE) on the combination of finance and energy efficiency;
  • An interview of MEP Isabelle Thomas (FR) on the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the impact on the funding of the energy transition;
  • A piece on thow the regional Energy Agency IRE Liguria has supported the implementation of several innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency in the region;
  • A presentation of the “Energie-Contracting-Programm” developped by the Energy Agency of Upper Austria in order to build a thriving EPC market in the region;
  • FEDARENE’s 5 recommendations for a forward-looking Multiannual Financial Framework post-2020;
  • and finally, an overview of two of our currently running initiatives focusing on financing: ManagEnergy and PROSPECT.

FEDARENE Publication – Sustainable Finance & Innovation Services

Finding appropriate funding for sustainable energy and climate projects is a real challenge for local and regional authorities. They often lack the staff, technical skills and face heavy administrative burden. This Brochure gathers the most recent and innovative projects FEDARENE’s member regions and energy agencies have been working on to accelerate and finance Europe’s Energy Transition at local and regional level.

All projects are featured in our 2020 Sustainable Regions in Action brochure published in January 2020.

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