European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Energikontor Norr


Kungsgatan 46
S - 972 41 Luleå
Tel: (+46) 0920-20 02 60

(Formerly know as NENET - Energikontor Norrbotten)

President: Hans Rolfs
Director: Katarina Delsing


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Energikontor Norr (former NENET) is located in the most northern part of Sweden. The geographical area covered by the agency is more than three times as big as Belgium but there are only 258 000 inhabitants. The area has a huge potential of renewable energies. 10% of the electricity production (~ 15 TWh/year) in Sweden is produced by the hydropower stations in the rivers of Norrbotten. The use of bioenergy, mostly from the forest, is about 6 TWh/year. In some areas concerning use of wood for energy and hydro power is the enterprises and researchers in Norrbotten among the world leading experts.

The Energy agency started in April 1997 and has around 15 employees. The objectives are to promote the use of renewable energy and work for more effective use of energy. In order to achieve this we:
- initiate and manage projects. We also assist in projects led by others. So far most of the projects we are involved in concerns use of biomass for energy (small-scale district heating, wood pellets etc.) and energy strategies. Our intention is however to start projects also in other areas, for instance transport and energy efficiency.
- help the county administrative board and the municipalities in their work to formulate new energy strategies.
- produce newsletters, articles, advertisements, homepage and held evening meetings in order to spread information about the possibilities (both for environment and local development) an increased use of renewable energy and more effective use of energy gives.
- co-ordinate the energy advisory service of the municipalities in the region.