Energikontor Norr (former NENET) is located in the most northern part of Sweden. The geographical area covered by the agency is more than three times as big as Belgium but there are only 258 000 inhabitants. The area has a huge potential of renewable energies. 10% of the electricity production (~ 15 TWh/year) in Sweden is produced by the hydropower stations in the rivers of Norrbotten. The use of bioenergy, mostly from the forest, is about 6 TWh/year. In some areas concerning use of wood for energy and hydro power is the enterprises and researchers in Norrbotten among the world leading experts.

The Energy agency started in April 1997 and has around 15 employees. The objectives are to promote the use of renewable energy and work for more effective use of energy. In order to achieve this we:
– initiate and manage projects. We also assist in projects led by others. So far most of the projects we are involved in concerns use of biomass for energy (small-scale district heating, wood pellets etc.) and energy strategies. Our intention is however to start projects also in other areas, for instance transport and energy efficiency.
– help the county administrative board and the municipalities in their work to formulate new energy strategies.
– produce newsletters, articles, advertisements, homepage and held evening meetings in order to spread information about the possibilities (both for environment and local development) an increased use of renewable energy and more effective use of energy gives.
– co-ordinate the energy advisory service of the municipalities in the region.


Sustainable Energy Investments catalysed by EU Structural Funds

The added value of European Union’s financial programmes is made tangible through local and regional initiatives. Local and regional initiatives show the cohesion policy is both a catalyst for investment and a means for beneficiaries to raise their ambitions and take ownership of the European objectives, and specifically the ones of the Energy Union.

Explore the vast potential for renewable energy in Northern Sweden

Green Energy Investments is a project, managed by North Sweden Energy Agency, focusing on realising sustainable energy ideas in the region of Norrbotten. The project objective is to coach about ten ideas on their road to success and preferably help them with their business development and, if possible, secure the funding needed for future expansion. […]

Energikontor Norr celebrates its 20th anniversary

  The Energy agency Energikontor Norr (Sweden) celebrates its 20th anniversary. Energikontor Norr started to work for sustainable development in Sweden’s northern region in 1997. During these twenty years the Energy agency have helped and supported hundreds of companies in Norrbotten, in Västerbotten and all over the region in energy and climate work. “I think that the great […]

The Data Access Guidebook for Sustainable Energy Action Plans has been released!

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment. These measures can then be built in to sustainable energy policies and plans, and their national and local implementation progress can be monitored periodically. . The Data Access […]

Best Practices

The online tool for energy statistics, Energiluppen

Energikontor Norr (Norrbotten, Sweden)


DATA4ACTION Data Access Guidebook for SEAPs

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment.

Handbok för att tillgängliggöra energidata för hållbara energi- och klimatplaner

Tillgänglig och noggrann energidata är avgörande för att kunna identifiera trender i ekonomiskt prioriterade sektorer med avsikt att påverka energipolitik och säkerställa förbättringar i energieffektivitet och ökad användning av förnybar energi. De här åtgärderna kan sedan byggas in i lokala och regionala riktlinjer och planer för hållbar energi, och framstegen i genomförandet kan övervakas periodiskt.

Multi-Level Governance Guidebook and 60 Best Practices!

Through COOPENERGY the project partners have sought examples of how local and regional authorities across Europe are collaborating – successfully – with each other to develop and deliver sustainable energy action plans (SEAPS) and initiatives. From over 150 submissions to our European survey held in summer 2013, we have selected 60 of the best examples of collaboration, […]

Climact-Regions, Observation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The GHG observation system is a powerful tool and the choices of a methodology and approach for implementing it are not neutral. In fact, they contribute strongly to building a representation of the regional impact of climate change and a framework for identifying areas of responsibilities and priorities for action. The tools for GHG accounting […]