European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Actions that make a difference – Jyvaskyla – Sept 2014

Actions that make a difference – Jyvaskyla

11th of September 2014


Target: EU 2020 targets in climate change mitigation, renewable energy and energy efficiency are relatively well on the track. The set targets in reduction of the GHG emissions (-20 %) and increase in the use of renewable energy (+20%) are very likely to be achieved. However, the target in energy efficiency (20%) seems to be more problematic on EU level. Regional and local levels are of great importance in achieving these targets. Municipals can have a great potential in improving the energy efficiency. According to Motiva (2011), the energy saving potential in Finnish municipals is approximately 15 % in heating and 7% in electricity. To utilize this saving potential has also rather important financial effects. Investments on energy efficiency have typically rather short payback time, and there exists mechanisms that support these investments (e.g. ESCO). It is of great importance to provide assistance to the municipals, not only financial assistance but also the information and the good practices. The focus of this meeting is on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The aim of this meeting is to bring together the local and regional actors together with the external experts and share good practices both in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. One of the aims is to encourage the participants to cooperate with other regions, cities and municipals and energy agencies.

9:30  Welcome

9:35  FEDARENE: European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment, Julije DOMAC, president of FEDARENE, REGEA, Croatia

10:00   Small and middle size municipals and their work on sustainable energy with examples,

Christian LABIE Centrale Villageoise” RAEE, France

Ulf HANSSON, Småland – the development of a fossil-fuel independent region, Energikontor Sydost,Sweden

Lauri PENTTTINEN, Central Finland Energy Agency – Promoting Sustainable Energy With Municipalities, Benet Ltd, Finland

11:40   Bioenergy and Bioeconomy, Hannu KOPONEN, Regional Council of Central Finland

13:00   Possible funding sources form EU from small and middle size municipals & possibilities for cooperatio (Project Development Assistance) Dominique BOURGES, FEDARENE, Belgium & possibilities for cooperation

14:10   Panel discussion with the experts “Actions that make the difference” & possibilities for cooperation.; Julije DOMAC; Lauri PENTTTINEN, Ulf HANSSON; Christian LABIE, Dominique BOURGES

15:10   Wrap up and Closing the event

15:30   End of the seminar