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Energy Performance in Buildings Directive

New rules will make buildings smarter and more energy efficient, saving money and creating jobs in the renovation and construction sector.

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Sustainable Energy Investments catalysed by EU Structural Funds

The added value of European Union’s financial programmes is made tangible through local and regional initiatives. Local and regional initiatives show the cohesion policy is both a catalyst for investment and a means for beneficiaries to raise their ambitions and take ownership of the European objectives, and specifically the ones of the Energy Union.

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Roger Léron Award 2018 – 4th edition

Acknowledging the persistent contribution of an individual to sustainable energy at the regional and/or local level in Europe

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Innovation Procurement for the refurbishment of Kindergartens

The City of Koprivnica and Regional Energy Agency North (REA Sjever) are preparing a pilot investment to modernize Kindergarten buildings and render these buildings more energy-efficient.

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Our projects


A Flexible Approach to Deployment & Conversion of DH Net. to Low Temperature, with Increased Use of Solar Systems

District heating (DH) systems are key systems for the de-carbonization of heating energy in European Cities. In order to allow for this transition, while guaranteeing competitive energy costs, conversion of DHs is required. DH operation temperature needs to be reduced in order to increase the…

FEDARENE Info 45 – Focus on climate adaptation

This Spring 2018 edition features articles on climate adaptation. Because of natural disasters causing great damage on geographical, social and economic levels, energy experts are starting to think about ways to reduce these calamities and to continue the fight against climate change. Wallonia, Skane and…

Le défi de la convergence des intérêts en matière de rénovation énergétique en Wallonie

Cet article se base sur les recherches menées au cours de la première année du projet Energ-Ethic, financé par la Wallonie – DGO4

Best practices

Free energy audits and training in public schools

6 primary schools over Cyprushave been undergoing free Energy Audits supported by the Cyprus Energy Agency which include interventions for energy and CO2 emissions savings in different levels, up to the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) level.

Energy and Climate Protection in Kindergartens in Berlin

The project ‘Energy and Climate Protection in Kindergartens’, run by BEA, is aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 6, preschool teachers and the technical staff of Berlin’s 2,200 kindergartens, Germany.

Charging Infrastructure Jämtland Härjedalen – Preliminary study for extension 2018 to 2020

A preliminary study for the charging infrastructure of the Jämtland Härjedalen region, Sweden, was requested to prepare for a project focusing on the expansion of rapid-charge stations and standard charging at organisations and companies.


LIFE 2018 – Information & Networking Day

Bruxelles, Belgique

ManagEnergy Master Class – Session 2

Musée belge de la Bande dessinée, Rue des Sables, Bruxelles, Belgique