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On Europe Day FEDARENE renews its commitments and shares its vision with its MANIFESTO

On 9 May, Europe Day and day of the Sibiu Summit, FEDARENE launches its Manifesto "Europe and its Regions: a Partnership for Energy Transition".

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Interview with Christiane Egger, Jury Member of Roger Léron Award

“There are many people out there putting a lot of passion, energy, and devotion into transforming our energy systems – Roger Léron was one of them. The Roger Léron Award was therefore created to bring these valuable people to light and acknowledging their contributions”, stated Christiane Egger.

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Meeting Simone Lowthe-Thomas, Jury Member for Roger Léron Award

Simone Lowthe-Thomas, one of the seven Jury Members for Roger Léron Award, unveils what are the essential attributes for a regional/local leader, alongside with her experiences about the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

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210 European Mayors Demand EU Emissions Peak by 2020, Halve by 2030 and Reach Net-Zero by 2050

Mayors call on European Council and Member States to commit to long-term climate strategy and binding, ambitious emission reduction targets.

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E-Mobility Workshop in Lower Austria

Melk, Lower Austria, Austria

International Conference on Energy Transition in the Mediterranean

Cagliari, Province of Cagliari, Italy

Paving the way towards clean energy and fuels in Europe

Congress Center CCL, Lisbon

Our projects


Solar collectors in Norwegian district heating

An increasing number of European countries support installation and modernisation of district heating networks with a high share of renewables and solar thermal is seen as one of the most interesting technologies. Norwegian solar thermal energy company Aventa is involved in several concrete projects through participation in the Horizon 2020…

FEDARENE’s Manifesto: Europe and its Regions, a Partnership for Energy Transition

On 9 May, Europe Day and day of the Sibiu Summit, FEDARENE launches its Manifesto "Europe and its Regions: a Partnership for Energy Transition".

The RELaTED concept for Ultra-low temperature district heating

RELaTED  will define ultra-low temperature district heating systems as: district heating systems that supply heating to the customers at a temperature level where production of domestic hot water requires a supplementary heat source to deliver satisfactory domestic hot water temperatures.

Best practices

From Peer to Peer: Public Authorities Learning About Lighting Projects

How can public authorities finance and implement sustainable energy projects in the sector of public lighting?

Joint project to promote solar power in enteprises in Örebro

To promote investments in solar power among small and medium-sized enterprises, a joint project was formed with Örebro county and other nearby regions in East Middle Sweden

Living lab for outdoor lighting in Croatia

Living Lab will enable users to familiarise themselves with products and solutions based on LED technology and to acquire specific information on the advantages and disadvantages of the available products and solutions