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Lunch Debate on the Multiannual Financial Framework from a regional perspective and the future LIFE programme

Yesterday, the 7th November 2018, FEDARENE organised its second 'LunchEU' on the next MFF and the LIFE programme.

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Unlocking the Potential of Biogas for the Energy Transition – BiogasAction Final Conference

The BiogasAction final conference highlighted the essential role of regional cooperation on the development of biogas in Europe.

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Public Authorities Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies – PUBLENEF Conference

PUBLENEF’s final conference was the ideal frame to take stock of the current energy efficiency policies and discuss the upcoming changes and potential enhancements. The PUBLENEF Horizon 2020 project since February 2016 has been focusing on mobilising public authorities at local, regional and national level and connecting them.

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Join InventAir to fight energy poverty and air pollution

Launch of the InventAir project whose major aim is to explore the multiple environmental and climate impacts of energy poverty by focusing on the development and implementation of clean air and energy poverty policies in Eastern European countries.

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Recommendations for the vote in ENVI Committee, on the LIFE programme 2021–2027

Local and regional authorities are striving to accelerate their energy and environmental transition that is a driving force for innovation, job creation, growth, social inclusion and overall territorial development. The LIFE programme is playing a crucial role in enabling regions and cities to achieve their…

Energy Price Assessment: an insight to energy costs in the context of District Heating

District heating (DH) systems are one of the most energy efficient heating systems in urban environments and they are also key systems in the de-carbonization of heating energy in European Cities. 

Produire du biométhane et savoir le valoriser en BioGNV sur son territoire

Ce guide fournit un éclairage ainsi que des outils juridiques et contractuels pour permettre aux collectivités de produire du biométhane et favoriser sa consommation localement. Guide à l'attention des collectivités

Best practices

EPC with Result Guarantee in the Province of Lecco – Italy

The public tender to award the Concession in Project Financing with Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) and Result Guarantee in order to refurbish and manage 61 public buildings owned by 11 Municipalities in the Province of Lecco – Italy, has been successfully concluded.

Photovoltaic-League Lower Austria

The Lower Austrian Photovoltaic-League awards a prize to communities that have the annual highest growth in photovoltaic (PV) capacity, in Lower Austria, Austria.

Free energy audits and training in public schools

6 primary schools over Cyprushave been undergoing free Energy Audits supported by the Cyprus Energy Agency which include interventions for energy and CO2 emissions savings in different levels, up to the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) level.