The Roadmap for Electric Mobility Deployment in Andalusia through renewable energies sources

The Andalusian Electrical Mobility Roadmap 2020 is a package of measures which aims to promote electric mobility in Andalusia, Spain.

The Andalusian Energy Agency, AEA, and the Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade of the regional Government of Andalusia presented the Andalusian Electrical Mobility Roadmap 2020. This Roadmap is a package of measures which aims to promote electric mobility.

The foreseen measures include new development tools, boosting the infrastructure of recharging points for vehicles, actions under the specialisation and industrialisation strategy, the commitment of local entities, as well as dissemination and communication actions. The Roadmap counts more than €20 million within the Andalusian Sustainable Incentives Program, financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Junta de Andalucía, managed by the AEA.

As an instance, this programme supports renewable recharging points addressed to citizens-incentives from 40%-, enterprises-40% and 50% RIS- and Local government- from 70% to up to 80%  local government of  less than 20.000 habitants.


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