YENESIS: Youth Employment Network for Energy Sustainability in Islands

CEA project, YENESIS, sets out to ensure that young people find truly sustainable employment: green jobs

The YENESIS project aims at targetting high unemployment rates suffered by Islands throughout the year, and especially during non-tourist periods. Those issues are striking for young professionals, that are facing three main challenges :

  • A very limited number of job opportunities matching their qualifications.
  • A very high standard regarding the years of experience, forcing young people in a vicious circle of a lack of job and lack of experience.
  • A lack of business skills or capital necessary in order for young people with ideas to start their own business and create more jobs.

Indeed, the main need arising is that of the creation of new sustainable green jobs in the participating islands. It will create jobs in the four areas of energy efficiency, renewables, sustainable tourism and mobility.

YENESIS main objective is to reduce unemployment of young people between 25-29 by creating green jobs in islands in the four areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and mobility. The partners aim to support the discouraged young people who have stopped looking for work and are therefore socially excluded.

Furthermore, embracing the Smart Islands Initiative and its principles of bottom-up approaches for innovation in islands, the project puts transnationality at its core. It recognises the commonalities amongst islands in Europe and wants to emphasize the potential of exchanging good practices, as well as joint endeavours.

Youth from Islands of seven European Countries will embark on a journey, taking them through a training organized by the Expertise Partner in Norway to showcase best practices, an apprenticeship, mentoring, and a local placement. They will be returning to their islands as trailblazers in the four sectors of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable tourism, and mobility, ready to invigorate the green sector in their home islands. Throughout the process, the participating youth will benefit from mentoring on entrepreneurship to give them a head start in starting their own businesses.

This project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through an EEA and Norway Grant Fund for Youth Employment and was allocated €2.3 million for a period of 40 months.

Read more about it or check the website of the project for more informations.

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