YENESIS: Youth Employment Network for Energy Sustainability in Islands

CEA project, YENESIS, sets out to ensure that young people find truly sustainable employment: green jobs

Youth unemployment still runs high in many countries around Europe after the financial crisis – even more so in islands, where seasonal employment is prevalent. CEA’s new project, YENESIS, sets out to solve this problem, ensuring that young people find truly sustainable employment: green jobs!

Youth from islands of 7 countries around Europe will embark on a journey that will take them through training, a field trip organised by the expertise partner in Norway to showcase best practices, an apprenticeship, mentoring, and a local placement. They will be returning to their islands as trailblazers in the four sectors of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable tourism, and mobility, ready to invigorate the green sector in their home islands. Throughout the process, the participating youth will benefit from mentoring on entrepreneurship to give them a head start in starting their own businesses.

YENESIS benefits from a 2.3 million EUR grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants.




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