Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos  (SODEBUR)


The Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos (SODEBUR) has been established as an active instrument of the Burgos province aimed at orientating people, authorities and business companies towards a new economy approach focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy principles.

Objectives and Mission:

The mission of the agency is to promote the development of the region and its actors through the integration and participation of the agents of the province. It focuses on improving sustainable energy, suports industrial projects, promoting economic and social inclusion, encourage investment and grants from other administrations and institutions, as well as promote the region and attract tourists to the rural environment of the province.

The agency pursues the following objectives:

  • Raising local authorities, companies and citizens’ awareness on resource scarcity and urgent need for a rational and sustainable use of energy resources taking into account environmental and economic aspects;
  • Promotion in the use of energy from renewable sources;
  • Implementation of policies and specific actions promoting savings and rational use of energy.

Areas of intervention:

The agency tasks include several activities:

  • The implementation of structural measures consisting of analysis about energy consumption and production levels within the Burgos province and evaluation of potential renewable resources as a requirement to design and propose further recommendations;
  • The promotion of activities carried out through awareness raising campaigns, preparation of best practices manuals and organization of conferences and events in the energy field;
  • Provide technical support by the undertaking of studies about energy instruments and technical measures;
  • The realisation of project management activities including the implementation and monitoring of energy projects and the submission of projects to authorities at the regional, national and European level;
  • Provide support to attract investments in the energy sector thanks to information and promotion activities addressed to the general public as well as private and public authorities;
  • Provide an institutional support services by acting as an intermediary actor between local authorities and stakeholders in the energy market and implementing contacts in order to stimulate information exchange and energy technology transfer in the energy field.



Best Practices

SODEBUR: Integral Renovation of Provincial Street lighting Project

Interested in street lighting renovation? Find out how SODEBUR changed the street lighting into a LED system in 179 municipalities to reduce energy consumption and saved a total of 2M euros in the first year!

The integral renovation of provincial street lighting project in the Burgos province

SODEBUR is developing an ambitious project called the Integral Renovation of Provincial Street lighting Project (PRIAP)


Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures

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