Energikontor Sydost (ESS)

Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, ESS (Energikontor Sydost), started on the first of June 1999 and is a member of Federane since June 4th. We mainly work in Southeast Sweden (counties Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg) and our aim is to improve energy efficiency and increased supply of renewable energy. We work within the area of buildings, industry, transports, education, behavioral changes, mobility management, fuels, towards municipalities, companies, organizations and citizens.

The company is jointly owned by an association where regional councils, counties and municipalities in Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg are members. Chairman is Ms Ewa Engdahl. The Energy Agency’s approximately 20 employees work in all three counties with offices in Oskarshamn, Kalmar, Karlskrona and headquarters in Växjö.

The region has a population of approximately 580 000 inhabitants which is about six percent of the Swedish population. It is one of the most industrialised in regions in Scandinavia with a large proportion of employees in industry especially manufacturing.

Renewable energy sources today accounts for 47 percent of the energy supply in Blekinge, 60 percent in Kalmar and approximately 45 percent in Kronoberg. Solar energy is increasing, but solar heating only accounts for a few GWh in the region. Wind power generates today approximately 100 GWh in the region. District heating increases significantly during the last two decades and today 0,49 Twh of district heating is produced in Blekinge, 0,9 TWh in Kalmar and approximately 1 TWh in Kronoberg. Biofuels supply more than 90 percent of the district heating, mainly wooden bio mass (more than 70 percent).


Energikontor Sydost: Cargo bike inspiration film

Watch the new short film by ESS as part of the CoBiUM project on the uses of cargo bikes, and find how you could benefit from these!

Energikontor Sydost celebrates its 20th anniversary

On 21-23 May 2019, FEDARENE was in Växjö, Sweden, to celebrate 20 years of existence. Energikontor Sydost was also hosting the 2019 FEDARENE General Assembly.

Regional Visions of Biogas for 2030 – BiogasAction Final Video

BiogasAction aimed at promoting the production of sustainable biogas throughout the EU, especially by exchanging best practice, creating new business models, and increasing investments in biogas production. The project partners share their vision of Biogas for 2030 and explain how to achieve it! Watch the video below.

Unlocking the Potential of Biogas for the Energy Transition – BiogasAction Final Conference

The BiogasAction final conference highlighted the essential role of regional cooperation on the development of biogas in Europe.

Best Practices

Energikontor Sydost: Municipal co-distribution of goods spreads throughout Sweden

Read how Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden has been working to spread the concept of municipal co-distribution of goods since 2013, reducing CO2 emissions and congestion in city centres, and increasing the competition and the local market opportunities.

Biogas Action – Institutional building and networking Southeast Sweden

Biogas Sydost is a regional network consisting of private as well as public key actors and
stakeholders from the entire biomethane value chain. The task is to improve the conditions for
biomethane production in the southeast part of Sweden.

Biogas Action – Introduction of liquefied biomethane in Southeast Sweden

Swedish Kalmar County carries great potential for the production of liquid biomethane to be used for heavy vehicles and maritime transport instead of fossil fuels.

Biogas Action – Public procurement of buses Kalmar County

Kalmar County in Southeast Sweden has the target to become a fossil fuel free county by 2030. All transports paid by public means shall be fossil fuel free in 2020. There are very good preconditions to produce biogas especially from manure.


New Brochure “Biogas: Renewable Energy for your Region!”

This publication gives an overview of the activities developed during the BiogasAction project. It shows positive examples and recommendations to steer the promotion of biogas in the EU, focusing on regional pre-conditions and approaches.

Biogas Action Brochure on Best Regional-Integrated Biogas Plants

BiogasAction Project: Promotion of Sustainable Biogas Production in the EU

European Barriers Report

This is aimed at those considering development of an AD plant, covering the main aspects needing consideration, specific to each EU country involved in the project.


Webinar: Management of Transport of Goods, a Challenge for the Sustainability of Cities

B.&S.U, the Berlin Agency for Electromobility, the Region of Kronoberg and the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden will share their experiences regarding the transportation of goods.


Resource Efficient Cities Implementing Advanced Smart City Solutions as demonstrated by the cities of Växjö and Aarhus.
To move a community toward a sustainable and affordable climate friendly future you need to take on a holistic approach. It is not enough just to install some electric vehicle chargers or install PV panels on some roofs. Strategic plans and innovative solutions are essential.

The BiogasAction Final Conference

Join us at the Conference and learn how the BiogasAction experts stimulated the development of biogas in 9 European regions.

BiogasAction Webinar – The Use of Biomethane in the Transition to a Clean Transport

On the 14th of November a webinar was organised in the frame of BiogasAction during which the European Commission had the opportunity to highlight the current EU policies in support of the transition to a cleaner mobility and presented the prospects opened by “Clean Energy for all Europeans” legislative package and the “Europe on the Move“ initiatives notably regarding the role of biomethane as fuel for transport.