Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE)

The Basque Energy Board, EVE, was created by Decree No. 81/1982 on 5 April as a Public Limited Company. Since it’s creation EVE has been responsible for implementing the Energy policy of the Basque Government. Currently the EVE Group Staff is constituted of 304 members.

Main activities

The EVE Group provides services in the areas of:
Energy Efficiency in the Industrial, Transport and Residential and Services sectors.

  • Technical assistance Diagnoses and energy audits; consumption monitoring; advice on energy and environmental legislation; viability studies for CHP facilities and other types of investment; certificate of energy efficien cy in buildings; vehicle diagnosis; energy studies in ships, etc.
  • Training Master’s degree in energy efficiency; postgraduate course in energy efficiency in industry; training for operators of equipment with high-energy consumption; specific courses in CHP; atmospheric pollution; climate control and other energy-related subjects.
  • Support for designing information and publicity campaigns.
  • Publications and simulators of energy-consuming equipment.

Renewable energy (solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind, landfill biogas, small hydro, biomass, etc.).

  • Technical assistance Assessment of potential and energy strategy studies; Technical and economic viability studies of investment projects; design, construction and operation of energy projects, etc.
  • Training.
  • Publications and videos.

Energy planning

  • Technical assistance Definition of energy policies and strategies, energy balance sheets, industry-specific studies, definition of indicators.
  • Publications. (See our web site www.eve.es)
  • Computer models of energy trends.
  • Energy legislation.

Natural gas Infrastructure and Distribution
Exploration for hydrocarbons
Hydro-geology and mining

  • Technical assistance in hydro-geology Complete hydro-geological studies; studies of municipal supply; assessment of existing sites; underground water studies and quality control; assessments of potential of surface water; viability studies of using mineral water and water with medicinal properties.
  • Geological theme maps Regional hydro-geological maps; metallogenetic maps; mapping of industrial rocks and minerals.
  • Mine exploration.

Quality, human resources and business organisation

Area of activities

The EVE Group’s activities are concentrated in the Basque Country, although since 1989 the company has extended its operations to cover specific projects in various countries in the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America.


EVE is in constant contact with the economic world of the Basque Country and its clients include leading Basque companies, state bodies and professional organisations. Internationally, EVE’s most important clients are the European Commission – through its Directorates General for Energy and External Relations – and multilateral banks. EVE habitually works in consortium with local consultancy and engineering firms and others from the European Union.


Authorisation for trialling floating wind power in the Basque Country

New trials on new floating wind technologies by the Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP) have been approved to gain a detailed understanding of how the prototypes perform.

Webinar – An innovative approach to thermal energy storage and self-sufficiency in buildings

RELaTED project will be presented at the webinar “An innovative approach to thermal to thermal energy storage and self-sufficiency in buildings”, organized by its sister EU project CHESS SETUP.

RELaTED project presented at International Buildings Conference In Bari, Italy

The RELaTED concept was presented at the 10th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings (IAQVEC).

The Basque Country present its sustainability agenda during EUSEW

The Basque Country organised a meeting in Brussels during the EUSEW 2019 in order to tackle relevant aspects of energy efficiency along with other relevant institutions.

Best Practices

EVE: EKIAN – The biggest PV plant in the Basque Country

Read about EKIAN, the biggest PV plant in the Basque Country, which is a public-private initiative of EVE and KREAN and has 22 investors. The investment is 24 million EUR and will produce electric energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 15.000 households.

Promoting energy services in the Basque country

Since 2011, EVE has been promoting energy service contracts for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and which has mainly involved advising Basque public authorities on how to develop energy service projects.


The 3rd newsletter of the RELaTED project is out!

The third newsletter of RELaTED offers a view on the last outputs and events where the RELaTED project was presented.

Development schemes for new district heating developments

How can low temperature concepts be applied in new urban developments? The RELaTED Task 2.5 describes a set of guidelines that are, in general terms, based on best practices as most new urban development areas are different in relation to visions, DH network topology, temperature levels, buildings installations, tariff structure, management and more.

Solar collectors in Norwegian district heating

An increasing number of European countries support installation and modernisation of district heating networks with a high share of renewables and solar thermal is seen as one of the most interesting technologies. Norwegian solar thermal energy company Aventa is involved in several concrete projects through participation in the Horizon 2020 project ReLaTED.

The RELaTED concept for Ultra-low temperature district heating

RELaTED  will define ultra-low temperature district heating systems as: district heating systems that supply heating to the customers at a temperature level where production of domestic hot water requires a supplementary heat source to deliver satisfactory domestic hot water temperatures.


EUSEW – EUROPACE Investing in other cities

Opportunities and Solutions to finance home renovation in Europe

Municipal meeting: “Covenant of Mayors and Mayors” and “Walking towards the Covenant”

EVE organises this event to disseminate the experience of the EuroPACE project and other similar initiatives at different levels, as well as municipal experiences of financing different projects related to achieving a more sustainable society.

COOPENERGY Workshop: Regional and Local financing for sustainable energy planning

The Thematic Workshop “Regional and Local financing for sustainable energy planning” aims to address questions on financing with the help of testimonies from European regions, stakeholders, and European level experts.

DATA4ACTION Conference on the Energy Transition

The European Energy Transition Conference is the main annual meeting of local energy transition stakeholders: elected representatives in charge of energy, climate plans or planning, heads of local authority departments, businesses and civil society.