Međimurska energetska agencija d. o. o. (MENEA)


The Agency

Medjimurje Energy Agency ltd. – MENEA was established in 2008 within the EU project “Creation of the energy agencies in Lleida (ES), Medjimurje (HR) and Montpellier (FR)” financed by Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme to promote the idea of sustainable development in accordance with the actual needs in Medjimurje county.
Through the wide range of activities MENEA tries to satisfy informational, technical and supporting needs of public and private sector on the issues of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Contract: Intelligent Energy Europe: EIE/TYPE2/07/223/SI2.470024
Project Duration: from 01/11/2008 to 01/11/2011

Areas of Intervention

MENEA is the regional energy agency that operates on the area of the Medjimurje County, which is the founder and single owner of the Agency.
Medjimurje County spreads over 730 km2, has the population of 118 426 and includes 3 towns and 22 municipalities. The County is situated in north of Croatia bordered by rivers of Drava and Mura.
It also borders with Slovenia and Hungary and has a very good cooperation with those countries regarding EU projects.

Objectives and activities:

The main objective of MENEA is to provide high quality support for activities regarding Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in County of Medjimurje.
With regards to RUE, MENEA is promoting importance of energy efficiency in individual houses, industries and SME’s, public buildings, etc. and assisting interested parties from industry, SME’s, private and public sector.
With regards to RES, MENEA is promoting the use of renewables (especially biomass, solar and geothermal energy) in all above mentioned sectors. Target groups of MENEA’s services and activities are public institutions, SME’s and private households.

The scope of MENEA’s activities given in few lines:

  • Preparation of strategies, program and plan documents based on sustainable and rational consumption of energy and use of renewable energy sources;
  • Technical support and preparation of projects related to RUE and RES;
  • Preparation of project applications for national and EU calls for proposals for public and private sector;
  • Establishment of regional, national and international network of institutions and companies for the exchange of good practices, sustainable concepts and projects and implementation of projects;
  • Raising awareness, providing information, advice and education regarding RUE and RES;
  • Introducing new technologies and services;
  • Finding available funding sources.


MENEA’s interests

  • Smart metering and automatization;
  • Energy performance contracting;
  • Nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB);
  • Use of geothermal energy;
  • Autonomous systems with advanced batteries;
  • Innovative financing instruments for implementing RUE and RES;
  • Energy-efficient public lighting (use of advanced energy-efficient technology solutions, remote monitoring, smart dimming and scene setting, intelligent energy metering);
  • Promoting the use of bicycles and e-bikes;
  • Social aspects (energy poverty, education of young people, social entrepreneurship);
  • Other innovative measures for energy efficiency (comprehensive refurbishment of buildings, SMEs, etc.).


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Best Practices

MENEA: Comprehensive Energy Refurbishment of Public Buildings in Medjimurje County

Find out how MENEA is coordinating projects of comprehensive energy refurbishment of public buildings in Medjimurje County with a budget co-financed by European Reginal Development Fund (ERDF) and the national fund of Croatia.

Dynamic light – toward dynamic, intelligent and energy efficient urban lighting

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Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures

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