Biomethane Regions is a three year project, supported by Intelligent Energy Europe, which seeks to promote anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas upgrading technology, along with market development of the resulting biomethane for grid injection and vehicle usage.

Bio-methane Regions seeks to stimulate the market in ways that are appropriate to the current state of development of AD, biogas and bio-methane in the regions concerned. Analysing the reasons for take-off in some countries, best practice examples from wherever they exist, the barriers to development and the market conditions across the EU will give insights into the requirements to facilitate new developments. Armed with this information, each region will develop an action plan and strategy for moving forward.

It is intended to facilitate new AD plants and bio-methane production through the provision of independent advice to potential developers, regulators, politicians and potentially affected persons. The objective is to establish AD, bio-methane to gas grid and bio-methane as a transport fuel as viable and attractive options to investors, individuals, waste and energy companies/utilities and governments.

Through an examination of case studies of existing plants, the visiting of existing high efficiency operations and the adoption of the most appropriate technology to each circumstance, best practice and solutions in new AD plants will be encouraged. By facilitating the removal of barriers to the implementation of bio-methane options the technology can fulfil its potential.

The project seeks to bring un-tapped bio-resources onto the energy market by encouraging “biogas injection into gas grids or use as transport fuel”.

BiomethaneCalculator_XSThe Biomethane Calculator is now available as a download from our Austrian partner. The Bio-methane Calculator helps you to assess the technological and economic aspects of upgrading raw biogas to produce biomethane. It supports several technology options, includng gas permeation (3 different plant configurations), pressurised water scrubbing, pressure swing adsorption and atmospheric amine scrubbing.



Biogas-calculatorThe Biogas Calculator (Opportunity Study Tool) is also available as a download through this site. Note: The tools should be used with care, checking that the adjustable settings are appropriate to your circumstances and the current national / European financial incentive arrangements.

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European Barriers Report

This is aimed at those considering development of an AD plant, covering the main aspects needing consideration, specific to each EU country involved in the project.