SERVE Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment

Supported under the EU Concerto programme which was funded by the EU Commission under the Framework 6 programme (FP6), SERVE was a 5-year project focusing on RUE/RES in rural areas. The project targeted a Region housing 0.1% of Ireland’s population, to ensure national impact.

Concretely, the project implemented the following activities :

  • Complete energy audits and refurbishment actions on 500 buildings in SERVE Region with the objective of achieving 30% reduction in energy use,
  • Install 350 renewable energy systems (wood pellet systems, solar etc.) in existing buildings,
  • Construct 132 units in an Eco-Village in Cloghjordan that are 40% below current building standards with energy performance,
  • Construct Irelands first large scale District Heating system powered by state-of-the-art wood-chip boilers and solar panels in the Eco-Village
  • Complete a wide range of monitoring and evaluation of energy performance within the SERVE Region,
  • Provide training and information within the SERVE Region to stimulate further action in the field of sustainable energy,
  • Complete socio-economic analysis of the impacts of the actions with in the SERVE Region.

The project also aimed to show-case the installation of a small number of micro-wind turbines at particular locations in the region, along with researching how the area’s future electricity needs can be met from renewable sources.

The project officially started in November 2007 and provided grant support (for the refurbishment of existing houses, building of new houses in the Eco-village, installation of RES installations, etc.) over a three year period. The impact of the project was then monitored and assessed for two years.

The SERVE consortium, led by Limerick Institute, teamed local actors with EU experts to facilitate technology transfer and ensure best practice. Emphasis was put on replicability, both at national (Irish) and European levels, notably thanks to the research collated during the five years of the project, which will allow any lessons learned to be used by other communities in Europe. Also, building owners will use a diverse mix of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, which will maximize replicability.

Towards zero emission buildings – from policy to implementation


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SERVE – Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment

The SERVE project, co-financed by CONCERTO under the FP6 programme, has concluded its last phase.


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