Fedarene Info 41 – Focus on European Energy Security

Winter 2015

Focus on European energy security:

  • an Edito by Julije DOMAC (President of FEDARENE and Managing Director of the North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency – REGEA) which focuses on what regions and energy agencies can do to address the European energy security and to reserve the high energy dependency trend;
  • an interview with Andrej PLENKOVIC (Member of the European Parliament) which focuses on the implications of Energy Security in the European Economy and the European Foreign Affairs;
  • articles by several FEDARENE members sharing the initiatives they have taken to tackle Energy security issue in their territory, for example through the use of biogas that farmers, industries and local authorities can produce locally to supply village with heat and power; and biofuels that could serve as a replacement for imported oil;
  • a focus on FEDARENE key events and an update on of its ongoing EU projects.